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            About Us

            We are committed to being the most valuable solar technology company in the world.

            LONGi and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

            The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define the global vision and priorities for 2030. LONGi is taking action to contribute to and follow the SDGs as a responsible leader in the PV industry.
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            Our Actions
            Combat COVID-2019
            LONGi responded with numersous control measures in all aspects, and attached great importance to pandemic control works.
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            The LONGi One Percent Fundation
            The LONGi One Percent Foundation of RCSC has been funded since 2010.
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            Sustainability Management
            LONGi hopes to set a successful example to other solar and renewables companies with its “Produce Clean Energy with Clean Energy” initiatives.
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            LONGi practices our core values of "Reliable, Value-added, Delighted" to add value to stakeholders while creating business value.
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            LONGi adheres to the importance of consistent operational excellence and joins hands with our customers and partners for common development.
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            Honors and Awards
            2021 CSR Competitiveness - China CSR Awards
            Sustainable Development Model Enterprise Award
            At the 2021 China Corporate Social Responsibility Summit forum, LONGi was awarded the "Sustainable Development Demonstration Enterprise Award" for its efforts to establish a corporate culture balancing environmental stewardship and human resources.
            Sustainability Report

            Contact Us

            In order to further improve LONGi's sustainability efforts, please fill out the feedback form and send it to us. We promise to keep your personal information strictly confidential.