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          Men's Shoes for Morton's Neuroma

          Morton’s Neuroma is a painful foot condition that may feel like you’re standing on a small rock or a fold in your sock. When the tissue around one of the nerves in your foot becomes irritated, it thickens and creates a painful sensation in the foot that may radiate to your toes.

          Men with other foot conditions like bunions, hammer toes, high arches or flat feet are at a greater risk for Morton’s Neuroma. The best men’s shoes for Morton’s Neuroma give your toes plenty of space to spread out while supporting your arches to relieve pressure on the nerve.

          Doctors often recommend custom orthotics, which can be expensive to purchase and time consuming to transfer from shoe to shoe. At KURU footwear, we build orthotic-inspired support into the shoe itself. Patented KURUSOLE technology dynamically hugs your heels to cushion each step, while our ULTIMATE INSOLES keep your arches fully supported.

          Our KURU Gurus say these styles are the most popular men’s shoes for Morton’s Neuroma.

          I cannot describe how much better my feet feel!

          5 stars

          "Incredible!!! Two weeks ago my first steps out of bed were incredibly painful from Plantar Faciitis and Morton's Neuroma brought on by over zealous barefoot running! I debated for a week whether or not to order some Kuru Chicane's. I am leaving for Africa in two weeks for a Mission Trip. I will be doing tons of walking and was dreading how my feet would feel. I have had these on every day for a week and I cannot describe how much better my feet feel. I will be ordering at least one more pair as soon as I can afford them! Thank you Kuru!!"


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          1. Men's Quantum - Tungsten-Cardinal-Black


          2. Quantum - Midnight Blue, White & Jet Black - 7.5


          3. Quantum - Jet Black - White - Lead Gray - 6.5


          4. Quantum - FossilGray - White - Marmalade - 7.5


            Out of stock
          5. Quantum - Jet Black & Charcoal - 7


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