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          Men's Shoes for Diabetes

          Diabetes is associated with a variety of painful foot conditions, and a shoe with orthotic-inspired support can help with diabetic foot pain. The best men’s shoes for diabetes cushion and protect your feet from issues you may not feel due to poor circulation or nerve damage.

          If you have diabetes you are more likely to get bunions, hammertoes or corns because of poor sensitivity and reduced circulation. These painful conditions, along with cuts or blisters, may go untreated and eventually become infected—with severe cases leading to amputation.

          Wearing shoes with a wide toe box can help prevent some of those common foot problems, or ease the pain and friction on existing problem spots. Our patented KURUSOLE technology hugs your heels and cushions painful impacts, and the built-in ULTIMATE INSOLES provide unparalleled arch support to relieve pain and promote good posture.

          We include these features in each KURU we make,, but our GURUs say these are our most popular men’s shoes for diabetic foot pain.

          Where have you been!?

          5 stars

          "I have been suffering for over 10 years with PF and diabetes longer, these are the first shoes, after trying many shoes, to relieve most of my foot and back pain. I am now able to get out of bed in the morning without shuffling my feet for a few minutes. I stand for 4 straight hours at work now with no pain and cut over an acre of grass twice a week, with a push mower, also with no pain. I will be buying another pair of shoes shortly.

          -Conor A.

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          1. Men's Quantum - Tungsten-Cardinal-Black


          2. Quantum - Midnight Blue, White & Jet Black - 7.5


          3. Quantum - Jet Black - White - Lead Gray - 6.5


          4. Quantum - FossilGray - White - Marmalade - 7.5


            Out of stock
          5. Quantum - Jet Black & Charcoal - 7


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