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Star Topology

In a Star Topology each computer is directly connected to the centralized Hub or a Switch. In this way, when computer A sends a data packet for computer B, the data flows through the Hub or Switch to which both computer A and B are connected. Different types of cables can be used in this […]

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Bus Network

A bus network is a network architecture in which a set of clients are connected via a shared communications line, called a bus. There are several common instances of the bus architecture, including one in the motherboard of most computers, and those in some versions of Ethernet networks. Bus networks are the simplest way to […]

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Network topology and its types

What is Topology? A topology is configuration of communication networks and is of two types, Physical and Logical. Physical topology refers to configuration of computers, cables, devices and mostly depends on various factors. A logical topology is a method of transmitting or passing data between workstations. Types of Physical Topologies Bus Network (also known as […]

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